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Kidde Clean Agent Systems
Installation and Service

• FM-200
• Novec 1230
• Argonite
• FE-13

Managers and
Maintenance Services

• Fire Alarm
• Suppression Systems
• Sprinkler Systems
• Fire Extinguishers

Architects and Engineers Corner

• Specify the Correct System
for your Hazard and Jurisdiction
• Free Specification

Kidde Carbon Dioxide Systems
Sales and Service

Smoke Detection
Fire Alarm Systems

Retrotec Area
Integrity Testing
and Enclosure Sealing

• Water Based
Systems Maintenance
and Service

• Wet Sprinkler
• Preaction Sprinkler
• Dry Systems


Material Safety
Data Sheets

24/7 Service

• Portable Fire Extinguishers

• Employee Fire
Extinguisher Training

High Sensitivity
Smoke Detection (HSSD)

• Kidde Air Intelligence
• Kidde Orion XT

Commercial Kitchen
Fire Suppression