About Us

Elite Fire Protection, Inc. is a distributor of Kidde Fire Systems

(a UTC Company) line of Engineered Fire Suppression System products.


Our specialty is providing "Clean Agent" Fire Suppression for mission

critical hazards such as data centers, server rooms, etc.


Elite also offers complete service programs for your facility ensuring

that all your fire protection needs are maintained in accordance

with local, national, and insurance carrier requirements.


Large enough to handle your most advanced projects, yet our

strength lies in our personal service. Our dedicated staff provides the

"Old School" level of service often missing from today's workplace.

Our telephones are answered by people who can assist you immediately.

The same technicians familiar with your site are sent for continued service.


Kidde Fire Systems NFPA Reliable

Licensed by the New York Department of State #12000244444

New York City Master Fire Suppression License 690A